project description

Over the last few decades, it has become obvious that, in order to stay competitive and increase productivity, companies need to embrace the idea that physical spaces have to adapt to the concept of fluidity. Workplaces have to facilitate way of various team sizes and way of collaborating that vary from project to project, and evolving from time to time.

When United Tractors called upon us to join the forward-thinking discussion about guidelining their plan to fit a new spirit in all their offices throughout Indonesia, the starting point was not merely fun stuff like colourful bean bags and free lunch area as many of people thought. But it was digging deep into collecting and analizing data from countless surveys, studies and interviews.

A big data collection allowed us to analyze the use of their office spaces and helped push forward the concept of hot desking–using desks only when they’re needed. This greatly increases occupancy efficiency and boosts productivity. Meeting rooms may be moved, merged, or eliminated entirely, providing a more efficient use of any available office space.

project data

Project Name UT HO
Location Jakarta
Function Office
Status Proposal
Size ± 1.500m2
Client PT. United Tractors