Ningrat Hall

project description

With a huge site as a blank canvas, that allows unobstructed view to appreciate architectural design emerging as artform, we started the strive for iconic design by exploring bold character and encourage our creative process to discover new points of inspiration.

Our design steps had been guidelined by a modern deconstructivism as a unique architecture approach. Although the finished design appears sophisticated, the overall concept indeed very simple. The unpredictable form contains two monolithic square with contrast surface skin finishes. Manipulated by non-rectilinear movement which shapes a visual distortion and dislocate the constructed building.

But since this complex process is based on 2 simple forms, along the way we still be able to carefully do a composition fine-tuning between them and find the presence of balance, accent, and harmony.

project data

Project Name Ningrat Hall
Location Gresik
Function Commercial
Status WIP
Size ± 1.500m2
Client PT. Petrokimia Gresik