N Dorm

project description

Presenting a sleek façade to heterogenic neighborhood can sometimes be achieved by simple application of geometric design and prominent use of white color. This “Meier”-ish style has been establishing a reputation along expanded horizons of contemporary architecture while maintaining rational approach to design and detailing. This style also has the advantage to be easily adapted to its location.

The 24 rooms hostel building was carefully conceived with grid plans and symmetrical layout, split in the middle by naturally ventilated corridor. The 10-12 sqm rooms are designed to be compact, exploring the boundaries of how small is too small, challenging conventional notions of what is the actual necessity. All windows along both sides in the upper-floor release the small rooms from isolation, completed with small balconies to add more shading and more volume subtraction for a lighter appearance. The final look of this arrangement is simple and airy building nestled gently into a lush of green contoured terracing grass fields.

project data

Project Name N Dorm
Location Bandung
Function Hotel
Status Proposal
Size ± 850m2
Client Undisclosed