Konservatori Lounge & Cafe

project description

Greenhouses through their formal qualities has a long stood on its own limited use and its utilitarian design. Yet along a greater demand for sustainable architecture, this form is gaining more attention these days. It is consequently undergoing unprecedented transformations as contemporary architecture are rethinking and reinterpreting what a greenhouse can best be used as vital component to their design.

Rather than following the original project brief which approach architecture as a sterile monocultural building environment, we are exploring a different approach to the ecosystem. In the ground floor we incorporate the typology of traditional Javanese scheme which is mainly a combination of natural concrete and terracotta but in the rooftop, we construct a modern greenhouse building with the outline of traditional hip roof that is contrast but sitting so well with its surrounding. Whimsically connects the idea of modern architecture and its sustainable interaction.

project data

Project Name Konservatori Lounge & Cafe
Location Surabaya
Function Commercial
Status WIP
Size ± 1.200m2
Client Undisclosed